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Glaucous-Winged Gull

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Post  Hannah Banana Wed Dec 30, 2009 2:45 pm

Glaucous-Winged Gull

Glaucous-Winged Gull Glaucous-winged-Gull-flying_RN

Class: Aves
Order: Charadriiformes
Family: Laridae
Genus: Larus
Species: L. glaucescens

Highly social
Extroverted but possibly shy
Honest and up-front
Loves to keep secrets but don't have many secrets of their own
Not picky in the slightest
Witty and a fast learner
Highly visual and verbal
Perceived as cold and logical (as compared to mammals)
Highly adaptable
Can go from joking around to serious in a heart beat
Tends to overreact and under-react noticeably
Loves to argue for the sake of arguing
Highly competitive
Strong self-preservation drive

In the words of TAW from TDF: energetic, flexible, roguish, and morally unsound

The glaucous-winged gull person (GWG) is social in the sense that he is extroverted. He doesn’t mind when people are around and enjoys to people-watch. That doesn’t mean he isn’t shy, though. The GWG can be just as shy as any other person.

When you first meet a GWG he will be polite and considerate. He treats all new-comers this way. Even if a GWG meets someone with a notoriously bad reputation, the GWG will be nice to this person and try to be his friend. Most of this is curiosity. Are the rumors true? Why does everyone hate this person? Am I the only person who is ever nice to him? And if so, can I use this for future gain?

The GWG loves to interact with people, and he is fascinated by the lives of others, but he lacks a certain tact his mammal look-alikes posses. He is straight forward and finds it hard to dance around a touchy subject. If you ask him his opinion he will give it to you without sugar-coating. “If you can’t accept me for who I am, then you aren’t worth my time” is the prevalent attitude. Nonetheless, the GWG isn’t good at taking rejection. He has a need to be liked by everyone. To the GWG, truth and honesty are the foundations of a healthy relationship.

With such a front, it is easy for the GWG to slip in a few lies if it helps his cause. Manipulation comes so naturally, and it is treated as a game. But if you are friends with a GWG don’t be alarmed. Manipulation is usually reserved for small things, such as dodging household chores or diverting attention away from themselves. He wouldn’t dare get entrenched in lies he can’t live down. If it’s something he would get in serious trouble for if discovered, it’s not worth lying about.

They are serious competitors. They are sore losers, and cruel winners. They usually abide by the rule “by any means necessary” as long as the means are within the rules. Don’t expect a GWG to enter a competition the know they can’t win. “It’s not a game. It’s a competition. That means I want to win.”

GWGs keep a wide circle of friends from many different walks of life, even if that means bridging the gap between two circles that despise each other. This is due in part by their strong curiosity about other people, as well as their desire for everyone to “just get along.” They like to hear all sides of a story in a conflict, and will usually relay information back and forth. Also, it isn’t below them to make friends of convenience. “He’s my friend because he helps me in History class. She’s my friend because we like to cook together. They’re my friends because they’ll give me food when I forget my lunch. He’s my friend because I’m his only friend and he’ll always be there if I want someone to hang out with.”

He doesn’t mean anything by these reasons. He treats all his friends well and makes sure to repay any favors these convenient friendships may yield. The term friend is loosely used to mean “anyone who accepts me.” However, don’t expect him to have many best friends. He stretches himself out so thin among all these different social groups that he doesn’t usually have a pal that is always there for him. When he does, expect this friendship to be an incredibly strong one. When a GWG has a “best friend,” he means it. A GWG is the most loyal friend you could have.

Social Mindset
You, the awesome GWG soul, love to have fun. You also like to strut your stuff. You aren’t a total showoff, but your ego can get ahead of you sometimes. You won’t hesitate to tell someone about the latest awesome thing you did, but compliments throw you off-guard and you melt in a puddle of awkward flattery. You also /love/ jokes against yourself, to the point of creating such jokes. What’s important in your mind is that everyone is having a good time, and by poking fun at yourself, you can be sure that you aren’t insulting anyone. It is an easy way to make cheap laughs, and you sometimes think they’re too cheap. Your close friends, however, find them hilarious. You can be quite the jokester.

You have a sense of hierarchy. While you tend to question authority on a regular basis, at the end of the day you’d rather fit into the grand scheme than wage a total rebellion. You love to watch rebellions take place, but you’d rather not get caught up in it. Though not easily intimidated, you do shy away from conflict. You probably see the world as a series of layers that are and should remain separate: while “above” children and their petty matters, you are intimidated by the adult world. Even a slight difference in age between you and a friend alters the way you look at them. You typically correct your younger friend but differ to your older friend on most matters. However, if it is a matter that you are positively sure about, you will fight it out with anyone, no matter their age or social status, because darn it! You’re right! It’s important that you prove it! You would rather lose someone’s respect than admit you are wrong.

You always have something to say. Always. You rant and rant and rant. When looking for a friend one of your priorities is whether they will listen to you talk. While in a professional setting this comes off as arrogant, in a casual setting you hate silence in a conversation. You need someone to bounce ideas off of, even if that person doesn’t say a thing. (Part of the reason daemonism is attractive to this kind of person.) GWGs are highly verbal. You may even enjoy clever wit poetry or persuasive essays for the sheer word play.

If your GWG friend doesn’t have much to say, that is a sign that they aren’t well. When you are going through a rough patch you tend to seclude yourself more, perhaps avoiding people all together. You like to fake drama to garner attention, but it’s obvious when you aren’t well because you wear your emotions on your sleeve.

You /love/ living near your friends. You are lazy, let’s admit it, and sometimes you just can’t be bothered to drive to the mall or a friend’s house. Dorm living is your ideal situation. You prefer to have most of your friends in one spot, and you wish that all of your friends new each other, but with your wide social group that simply isn’t feasible. Or, if you aren’t a college kid, you probably have all your friends on one forum, or one MSN buddy list, or one social networking site.

However, you are by no means dependent on others. You like to leech off of others, and you like to have someone to talk to, but you value your alone time. You were always independent, and you probably spent a good deal of your childhood roaming the park or your back yard or the neighborhood block by yourself. At least, that’s how you remember it. You tend to remember things and ideas more than people, despite your social nature. Names were never your strong suit. With your high-energy social life, you need and value your down time. You set aside time as “me” time and you get pretty angry at disturbances. This usually means people don’t realize just how much time you spend on your own, as they are so used to seeing you in a social context.

You won’t put energy into something if you have a way around it, have a more efficient way to do it, or know someone else will do it. As lazy as you typically are, you’re prone to sudden bouts of energy and you’re active and fidgety. So, overall, you’re just floating through life getting off with what you can manage with little to no effort.

You’re a scavenger soul, which means that pride is never an issue in a school or work setting. You’re a total suck-up. You probably have a million little talents and hobbies that you never took the time to refine. You know a little of everything and you’re a pretty fast learner so you pick up new talents easily. You are a fine actor, capable of playing a role to get what you want out of a situation.

People tend to see you in a negative light straight-off. You’re a pest-soul after all. Wink You’re as jumpy as an arboreal critter on the outside, but inside all of your disjointed ideas really flow from a continuous stream of thought that moves too rapidly for outside observers to see the direct connections. You can switch conversation topics on the drop of a dime with no effort at all. You’re the kind of person that chatters and gets off on tangents at work, while your mind is busy processing the problem at hand and doing all the real work. There’s a serious separation between what people perceive of you and how your mind is actually running. You are an excellent multitasker. People usually see you as off-kilter, perhaps even a klutz. In your element, though, you’re shockingly graceful.

It takes quite a while for people to really “get” you. Most of your defining characteristics are quite subtle, which is complicated by your tendency to play dramatically different roles among certain social groups. Conversely, you aren’t subtle in the way you talk to people. You ask for what you want directly and you speak your mind. People around you usually have to spell everything out for you.

You are bold and tough. Life may get you down but you’ll always pull through and you tend to bounce back fairly quickly. You aren’t a pack-rat, but you enjoy a few comforts in life. If something doesn’t have any real purpose or value you hold no hard feelings throwing it out. Problems arise because your creative scavenger brain usually thinks up potential uses for seemingly mundane items… You tend to rest away from prying eyes, which is quite easy for you. It takes real effort to put yourself in the center of attention. Most of the time, you’re sitting around waiting for something interesting to happen. You are easily bored, after all.

You probably aren’t very popular, and oh well. You do things your own way. You prefer brutal honesty to stupid little white lies that make everyone feel fuzzy inside. You are demanding and cynical, outwardly pessimistic, and rude when you aren’t trying to suck up to someone. You hold no mercy for someone weaker than you. You are mean and a born rogue. There’s nothing like a little chaos to dispel boredom! You are irritating and have a constant need to fill the silence. If your daemon takes the form of a male GWG, then you are probably really really defensive. You can’t ever seem to turn it off. When you get upset /everyone/ knows it.

You are quick to anger, no doubt about it. Sometimes the smallest little things can set you off. However, when you are really and truly suffering you lose all of your angry, defensive vitality and slink off into your emo corner.

You don’t like to get involved in things. It’s perfectly happy in your own little world. You tend to turn tail from anything that has ever hurt you before, and you can be quite sensitive towards direct attacks. However, you love love love to argue as a sport. You’re a person of ideas, not emotions.

You are picky picky picky about the people you trust and the people you date.

You were in no rush to grow up. You were probably the first to regret the end of nap time. You’re a live-for-the-moment kind of person and you never saw the point in wishing you were something you weren’t.

You’re a total procrastinator. However, once you sit down to work on your project or essay, it’ll get done. “Oh, I can go to bed now and get up at 1 am to start my essay” as opposed to the kind of person who works for 15 minutes and plays video games for an hour. Once it’s started it gets done. Well… if there’s a deadline. If there’s no deadline (art projects) you’ll be lucky if you /ever/ finish it in this lifetime.

You love to travel, but the idea of moving away forever is daunting. You get attached to certain places just as you get attached to certain modes of thought. You outwardly shun routines but your overall life tends to follow reoccurring patterns. You’re the kind of person who can pick up a conversation days later. (In my senior year, when we really didn’t have any work at all, my best friend and I would pretty much hold weeks-long conversations because we had so many classes together and I have such a habit of brining old conversation points back up)

As always, never forget to do your own research! This division is based on my own experience as a glaucous-winged gull soul, so this is hardly exclusive. And remember: most of the large white-headed gulls in North America can and do interbreed regularly, so if your social habits are more like a Western gull but you otherwise fit a glaucous-winged gull, don't panic! Very Happy

Fitting Songs
7th Avenue Prophet by Zox
New Song by Please Do Not Fight (scroll down for lyrics)
Bright Spring Morning by Suburban Legends
Somebody Hates Me by Reel Big Fish

Other Categorizations
ENTP in the Myers-Briggs typing system.
Ravenclaw in the Harry Potter universe
Visual and Kinesthetic learners

Other forms to consider if...
You're less social: jackal
You're more loyal: primitive dogs
You're more strict in hierarchy: magpie and other corvids
You're more grounded and just a social: Arabian oryx
You're more grounded and not social: bongo
You're solitary and arboreal: Burmese python
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