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Hello there :)

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Hello there :) Empty Hello there :)

Post  Squirrel Wed Dec 30, 2009 1:32 pm

I'm Squirrel, or as Jill already guessed, Tessa of Kaylum from TDF. Very Happy I go by many names on other forums, but to keep it simple, you may call me Tessa, Kala or Yin. Or Onion. I just came up with that one. Very Happy Tessa is probably easiest to remeber though Like a Star @ heaven Did I mention these are cool smilies? I'm going to have a ball Very Happy I use way too many smilies in one sentence Smile

So the daemon's Kaylum, somewhere between unsettled and stable, and his current form is that of an Eurasian Red Squirrel with a winter gray coat. For the record, I have no idea whether the winter coat thing is a phase or not, but he hates being red. Go figure. I find gray is a more sophisticated color. Liar

At any rate, for those who don't know me (probably quite a few) I am Tessa, age 14, speed reader, vague intellectual (though stupidity has the tendency to overide) and currently addicted to TDF, as I have spent half my vacation in front of the computer, one half of the half on the Sims 3 (whoot) and the other on TDF Very Happy (Double whoot) Ah yes, I think that about covers it. Oh yes, and I am ninja (for the smilie face) Suspect

As of recently, I'm gryphon, or griffin hearted. I think that is about it. Any questions may be asked, as perhaps the random question tradition of TDF has been transferred here.

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Hello there :) Empty Re: Hello there :)

Post  pomeraniansoul Wed Dec 30, 2009 1:40 pm

Welcome Tessa, I'm Alexis the Daeblog Admin. I'm just going to mention if you can't read anything I'm saying its not a typing issue I can't see because my glasses are too dirty with out them my vision is just as bad and the screen is all white but the words are turning green and black as I star/blink at the screen of my mini laptop.

Taziumi is a settled cream pomeranian, hiya your awesome how seems to have many nice comments today.

I you heard my eye sight isn't the best, I'm nearsighted. Just got glasses in September, I like wearing them but sometimes they get so dirty I can't stand it. Alexis stop talking about your horrible eye sight, deal with it. Hush Taz.

If you have any problems you can PM me, or ask other members :p

Random question: Do you like Chocolate pudding?


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Hello there :) 2838450920_332cfc0615_m
Hello there :) Dwb5sp

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Hello there :) Empty Re: Hello there :)

Post  Squirrel Sun Jan 03, 2010 12:06 pm

As an answer to your question, of course I I love you chocolate pudding. Who doesn't?!


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Hello there :) Empty Re: Hello there :)

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