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Technology VS Nature

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Technology VS Nature Empty Technology VS Nature

Post  pomeraniansoul Tue Dec 29, 2009 1:16 pm

Technology GOOD

~ We got computers to sent emails, so we get mail faster.
~ Medication is better from technology.
~ We have better home office equipment.
~ TV, that is good sometimes for relaxing.


~ Too much emailing is bad for us.
~ Taking too much medication can kill humans.
~ Home offices get explode from the technology being too powerful.
~ TV can hurt our eye sight, and make us fat.


~ Grass is better to sit on than hard wood flooring.
~ Sun is good for us vitamins etc.
~ Fresh air is good for us.
~ Doing outdoor activities is great for us!

Nature BAD

~ Some people are allergic to grass (Poor Admin)
~ Too much sun can come in sun burns, heat strokes etc.
~ There's nothing wrong with fresh air, but if too cold you can get a cold and such.
~ Yes skating is good but failing ain't.

Which do you think is better?

I prefer both actually, I am allergic to grass yes but it doesn't stop me from going outside and having a great time. I am on my laptop 2 hours or more a day but I researching and reading so at least I'm not playing video games all day. (Did you know Admin doesn't watch TV) And I already have glasses so haw much more damage can a TV do, I don't even watch it. The sun thing scares with the heat stroke thing but they made this thing called sun screen for a reason.

Okay I'm not surprised if you fall on skates. I've done that all the time but now one time have I given up to get up again. I like both, they both have there bad's and good's I suppose.

What does our members on Daeblog think about this? Discus!


Quite lazy, and a thinker


Quite loud, and random
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