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Rules for Forum Use

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Rules for Forum Use Empty Rules for Forum Use

Post  pomeraniansoul Tue Dec 29, 2009 10:16 am

Rules for forum program:

Any forum containing the following elements and/or behaviors will be deleted without further notice:

1. Sexual and/or pornographic content
2. Hateful or abusive content
3. Defamatory content and / or affecting the integrity of a person
4. Sale or exchange of medication / drugs and any other illicit substance
5. Copyright infringment / hacking
6. Spam / phishing and/ or malware website
7. Credit card fraud

The forum must follow those rules carefully and placing them in with their set of rules in order to make it clear for the members/admins/moderators.

General Rules

1. Thirteen (13) is the minimum age to become a member on the forum.

We would like a PG 13 audience so this rule will allow us to have so. A forum generally shouldn't have kids under 10 years of age from poor grammar, understanding, just because its a forum.

2. Respect is the golden rule.

Respect the members, moderators and admins on the forum. We are a community and we should be nice to everyone so the forum is welcoming for new members as well.

3. No insulting or swearing towards members.

Don't insult members because of their thoughts, work, beliefs, life style, etc. No insulting. With swearing, it makes the forum look bad it doesn't matter if it was towards anyone it makes the forum look bad. Swear words from A to Z are not allowed on the forums just to keep it clean and welcoming for other members. Swearing cannot be in your user names, posts or signatures for that matter.

4. Listen to the moderators and admins.

We are here to guide you, with this forum to help you and to set rules so the forum stays clean. Listen, if your not listing to moderators or admin PMs will be sent and you probably have members telling you about what you did wrong as well, just make sure to stay on everyone's good side and you'll be fine.

5. No double-posting.

We want to keep the forum organized, so edit your last post or wait for a member to post to have a post between.

6. Don't post for the sake of posting.

Please don't clutter up the forum with useless posts just to have a higher level of posts. You would look better with long useful posts than tiny useless posts. So no useless posting.

Example of a useless post:

User 1: Here is my art, tell me what you think. (lets pretend there is a link on art)

User 2: nice.

That is way too short of a post, just add say why you like it.

Example of a useful post:

User 1: Look at my art I made the other day when I was at school. (Again pretend there is a link on art)

User 2: User 1 that is awesome, I like how you added detail to the monkeys face it looks so real. You are really good at traditional art.

That is better, and tells user 1 how user 2 feels about the art.

7. Grammar is the greatest joy in life.

Make sure your grammar is correct before posting. Don't use abbreviations (Example: luv for love or nm for nothing much) with words that have their normal spelling you can only use abbreviations for a proper place so everyone understands what your trying to get across to them.

8. Don't turn a friendly debate into an argument.

If your having trouble with a debate Admin will help you solve it so its fair on both parts.

9. Please calm down with colors.

Make sure to keep your writing black in all posts, you may have a little color but your font color is black. You may have what ever color in your signature but not in your posts.

10. Text size.

All text in posts must be normal font, no smaller. For larger sides if your trying to make a point or such but try to keep your font a normal so members can understand your post. In your signatures text size is up to you.

11. Any picture used in your signature cannot be bigger than 300 pixels tall and 550 pixels wide.

Just so members don't have to scroll down forever until they see a post.

12. User names.

You can change your user name twice a month, but no sooner.

13. Threads that already have a thread.

If a member makes a thread on something there already is just post the link to the already made thread. There is no more more than one member to give the link, the rest of the posts from other members are useless for that member they already got what they wanted. Moderators or admins will lock or delete this thread in a few weeks or so, just to keep the forum neat and tidy.

14. Search button.

If you are unsure if there's a post on something search using the search button. This makes it easier for you.

15. Avatars.

Your avatar cannot be bigger than 100x100. Your avatar can be smaller if you wish.

16. Admin may change your name if they activate you.

If the Admin sees that your user name isn't respectable or its funny if Admin activates you Admin will change your user name to something simple. This rarely happens.

17. Blogging

You may only have one blog in the blogs thread. Just one for you to use, you may comment you others but you can only have one thread.

Note: Keep in mind all members can view your blog.


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